Insurers require inspections to validate existence and overall condition of vehicles, motorcycles, trailers or caravans as well as to confirm the necessary security requirements in order to minimize theft of mobile assets.

Inspections are done on a daily basis for main stream Insurance Companies eg OUTSURANCE, MiWay, iWYZE, SANTAM as well as VESA (Vehicle Security Association of South Africa).

VESA protects the interests of insurers and the general public from being misled by unscrupulous businesses offering inferior services and products for vehicle security. VESA Accredited installers are properly trained and fitment procedure integrity is constantly monitored. 

The standards set by VESA consist of elements set by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) as well as vehicle security industry affiliates. Recognising VESA’s success in preventing crime, the organisation has been appointed as the official vehicle security standards-generating body by Standards South Africa (StanSA), previously the SABS.

VESA assists the insurance industry with loss reduction by continuously supplying the industry with quality and effective vehicle security products such as pre-theft systems (Gearlocks, Immobilisers and V-Class), during- theft systems and services (Vehicle Security Telemetry / Tracking) and after-theft systems (Microdot and RF ID technology). VESA has invaluable knowledge, experience and information pertaining to the vehicle security industry. It can assist with sharing relevant information and/or providing relevant training.


SAIA Vision and Mission

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To promote and represent the interests of the short-term insurance industry, while leading and enhancing the efforts of the industry to become recognized and trusted as an important contributor to the South African economy and society.


  • To encourage fair and ethical treatment of consumers of short-term insurance products
  • Representing the short-term insurance industry with all stakeholders and at all levels in such a way that these stakeholders have trust and confidence in the industry
  • Creating an environment in which the members of our industry can share information, debate important and relevant issues, and create a common vision for the short-term insurance industry
  • Creating opportunities for the industry to continue with and embark on initiatives that will enhance its image and reputation amongst all stakeholders
  • Promoting understanding of short-term insurance to all stakeholders
  • Promoting awareness of the industry and its contributions to society and the South African economy