Anti-Smash & Grab Window Film

Protecting you and your loved ones

Enhancing your vehicle's safety and giving you peace of mind

Why install Anti-Smash & Grab window film

No-one can afford to not install this product on their windows. Not only does it protect against unwanted guests, but it also protects you against harmful UV rays from the sun. This in turn helps keep the interior of your vehicle cool and puts less strain on your air-conditioning system and the environment.

Anti-Smash & Grab Window Film Features

Safety & Security:

Our safety film helps to protect the window and prevents it from shattering in the event of it being broken. This feature protects you and your property by holding your window together.


Applying anti-smash & grab film also increases the privacy in the vehicle. This helps to prevent outside elements from seeing into your vehicle, to keep you and your valuables safe.

Improves comfort:

The safety film rejects up to 42% of the heat penetrating through your vehicles windows. This is very useful when you consider the heat during the summer months.

Stay Connected:

The safety window film is non-metallized and will not interfere with your mobile phone, GPS and satellite radio reception.

Interior protection:

The safety film when applied blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays. This reduces fading of your vehicles interior from damage and coloration.

Glare reduction:

Glare from outside elements are reduced by up to 94%. This helps the driver from being blinded by the sun reflecting off of shiny surfaces during the day and by bright lights blinding you at night.

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